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Con l’acquisto combinato di tavola e scarponi, di qualsiasi marca e modello, riceverai in omaggio la sacca per portare l’attrezzatura ovunque. Completa l’acquisto dei due oggetti nella stessa sessione e Big Air provvederà all’invio della sacca insieme ai prodotti che hai scelto. Non perdere l’occasione.


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The 2020 Capita Spring Break Powder Racers snowboard is the latest evolution in the unique Spring Break range of fun-driven performance snowcraft. This new shape is designed to not only turn heads, but also float effortlessly over the deepest of snow, carve hard over morning corduroy, and even get playful in the park. Taking inspiration from time-tested surfboard shapes and adding in snowboard tech worthy of Capita, the Powder Racers delivers one of the surfiest experiences on snow without being priced out of reach.


Board Type: Powder, Park, All Mountain Performance

Camber Type: Surf Rocker Profile

The ultimate in surfy, slashing riding, the Surf Rocker Profile features flat camber from outside each insert through the centre of the board, and surf rock rocker from outside the inserts extending low into the tail, and high into the nose. This gives you a more stable surface through the centre of the board, with maximum float in the nose.

Flex: 5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Great Medium flex that can hit big jumps, press rails and ride all over the mountain.

Shape: Surf Blended Radial / Directional

Inspired by a combination of surfboard design and snowboard functionality, this all new shape is the ultimate in surfy powder float. Featuring a radial sidecut through and past the inserts, combined with a huge smooth reverse blend zone, and topped off with massive taper, this shape will have you surfing the earth with ease. 

Core: P2 Superlight Core

Built for highly technical freestyle riding all over the mountain, the P2 Superlight Core is designed to be extremely durable with maximum pop.

Technora + Flax Boosters - Sustainable Flax fibers are woven with Aramid, to help absorb shocks, and increase power and response.

Holysheet Fiberglass + Magic Bean Resin - Triax and Biax Holysheet fiberglass has a higher glass to weight ratio than regular fiberglass, providing a more powerful ride while staying light, and is then coupled with high performance, environmentally responsible, plant based Magic Bean Resin for a powerful and dynamic ride.

Base: NEW Powder Drive Base

This base has been specifically formulated to be featured on the Spring Break powder series of boards, with maximum powder performance in mind. Dynamic and durable, easy to maintain and reliable, this base charges over flats and maintains speed for quick turns through trees.

Additional Features:

  • Level 3 DeepSpace silkscreen + PAM16000 topsheet
  • Die-cut base
  • PLT topsheet technology
  • 360 degree HRC48 steel edges
  • Full ABS1000 sidewalls
  • Stainless steel 4 x 2 inserts







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