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North Kiteboarding Pack / Mono / Quad Control Bar 24m / Nugget TT 5'2" / Pump

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The Mono is a light wind specialist. It has an outstanding low end range, with the 5 m2 and 7 m2 models working particularity well with surfboards and lighter breezes. Use the power of the kite to catch the wave, then crank the depower and shred the wave with zero pull. Its light weight allows the kite to drift and hang in the air as you ride down the line; it also makes it the perfect travel companion.

The Mono has a comfortable and forgiving feeling via the bar - softer than the Neo but still progressive.

The turning speed is quick, and the kite is also great for Freeriding offering easy jumping and excellent hangtime. With relaunch abilities worthy of an applause, great power delivery and optimum sheet-and-go, you’re sure to fall in “love at first flight”. Ideally paired with a larger twintip or wave board, in light-medium strength winds the Mono will blow you away! Test ride one today and be amazed.

Mono come in assorted colors and in four sizes 5, 7, 9 & 12!

Already the third season the Nugget is also offered in the North Kiteboarding Tough Technology construction. Tough Technology is a moulded technology that utilizes a super tough top sheet similar to that used in North Kiteboarding Twin Tip to create an incredibly durable skin that is remarkably resistant to dings and scratches. In short, the Tough Technology Nugget offers the same great Nugget shape in a super durable construction! Same like its brother, the Nugget TT is a great light wind wave board, which allows you to have fun in waves even if conditions are not amazing. It’s easy to do your first steps strapless and even on flat water it will put a smile on your face due to the planing performance and the upwind strength. Rough conditions – tough technology!

Size: 5'2" x 21" x 2 3/8"
Volume: 28.9L
Fin Set: TS-M

The North Kiteboarding Trust Bar is the most progressive and effective tool to steer your kite. It is equipped with the most functional safety system in kiting, the Iron Heart IV. Over the years it has made a name for itself in the kitesurfing industry and amongst the riders; it stands for unmatched safety and reliability.

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